Novel Editing

From: $495.00

Novel Editing

From: $495.00

Full Manuscript Edit

A full manuscript edit includes a full developmental edit, plus line edits, style commentary, and corrections of a 100,000 word manuscript. I’ll also run the final manuscript through Grammarly and provide a book blurb for your use. This needs to be a mostly finished draft – second or later – so I’m not marking up sentences you’re going to change anyway and wasting your money.

Pricing: $850, $50 deposit required at booking

Developmental Edit

Includes a full draft read for up to 100,000 words, with notes on pacing, plot structure, story, characters, and world building. Good for early drafts, and if you feel like your writing is technically solid but want to make sure it reads well and doesn’t have any massive plot holes or character issues.

Pricing: $495, $50 deposit required at booking

100K+ Manuscripts

Anything over 100,000 words will be charged at the package per-word rate ($0.0085 per word for a full manuscript edit, $0.00495 per word for a developmental edit). So if a manuscript is 110,000 words, an extra $85 fee will be added to the final bill for a full manuscript edit, or $49.50 for a developmental edit..

Scheduling Your Book

I require a $50 deposit to hold a slot in the calendar for your book. This allows me to effectively schedule all my work, including Silver Empire edits, so I don’t get overloaded, or hold a slot for someone who ends up not using me. If your slot is coming up and you’re not done, we can shift the date and the deposit to another month.


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